pharma excipients

Calculator for Business Partner

This tool enables our business partners to make a quick check of sampling processes, cost effectiveness, shared costs related to yearly turnover and realistic saving potentials using synergies of e-Samples.

Amount of samples per year:

Where are the samples send to?:
share of deliveries domestic market in %
share of deliveries to continental countries in %
share of deliveries to intercontinental countries in %

handling cost per hour for sampling process in €
estimated time for the whole sampling process in hours

average cost per sample at the moment:
average cost per sample using e-samples:
approx. actual sampling costs per year

Saving potential
€ / year
Time saving
Potential new sales leads
(new customers or established customers with new projects)
/ year

0,5 kg standard size for samples, no dangerous goods
handling cost per hour for sampling process in € including....... Packing, labeling, order receipt, shipping.....
calculations only for showcases. No liability to be taken in case of non-compliance.